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Be inspired and keep learning. 

I have chosen a few of my favorite resources to guide you toward

discovering your own health and well-being path.

Listen, read and watch. 

There is power in knowledge - But only if you choose to use it.



  • The Genius Life hosted by Max Lugavere, Episode #179 – ‘Seaspiracy’ Debunked; the Truth About Sustainable Seafood and The Healthiest Fish to Buy with Barton Seaver is a ‘must listen to’ especially if you’ve seen the documentary film Seaspiracy. If you want to learn the actual facts, as opposed to being shocked into believing we shouldn’t be eating fish for a plethora of different reasons (all of which get discussed), please listen to this podcast! There is so much more to the narrative, and it’s comforting to listen to one of the world’s leading sustainable seafood experts and educators. Seaver provides us with facts and truths that will put your mind at ease

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  • Knowing Where To Look: 108 Daily Doses of Inspiration by Light Watkinsis the newest thought-provoking book in my collection. Super cool yogi-guy with some really great insights and interesting lived experiences. I love this book because it’s easy to pop open to any page and read a short story or inspirational thought. Not super deep (which is nice sometimes;) but will definitely get you thinking. If you are into personal growth, self-awareness and living kindness this is definitely the book for you! Makes a great gift too;)

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  • Seaspiracy is a 2021 documentary film streaming on Netflix. It’s about the environmental impact of fishing around the world. It puts fisheries, large and small, under a microscope and reveals the negative impact they are having not only on our marine life, but of course our oceans too. This film basically advocates for ending fish consumption. Definitely worth a watch but like all food documentaries it is important to 1) take a deep breath, 2) don’t believe everything you hear, and 3) read this article about ‘How To Watch Food Documentaries In A Critical Way’ There are many shocking truths exposed in this documentary. It is terrible what is reported on really. But we have to keep in mind that there are many environmentally conscious and sustainable fisheries around the world that employ MANY people. Not to mention we are provided with so many important nutrients from fish. Our nation is severely deficient in Omega 3s and eliminating fish poses a real problem for our health. 

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