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My passion for more than 25 years in the fitness and wellness industry has allowed me to share

the importance of a healthy lifestyle in my community. I have helped to change many bodies,

but what I am most proud of is that I have changed so many minds.

As a certified health coach, wellness educator and columnist, trainer, instructor, choreographer, wife,

and mom, I have created my life to be an example of how to achieve a healthy lifestyle in an enjoyable

and gratifying way. The fusion of healthy mind + healthy body = total wellness has been the evolving

equation and cornerstone of my entire existence, and this is only the beginning.

I have always been interested in food and its effects on the body and more recently I have focused

on the mind and it's effect on the body. The correlation between the mind and body are the

key to having a successful fitness and wellness journey.

My education in Sports Medicine, extensive training in fitness, and education through the

Institute of Integrative Nutrition have allowed me to not only practice what I preach but also share

my knowledge within my community and further my health coaching career working with NBA athletes.

The key to my success as a health coach and wellness educator has been my ability

to lead in a sensitive yet commanding way. I am understanding, yet intense.

The reality is that wellness, at its core, starts with valuing and appreciating the importance of self-care.

We do this by being a good example of ourselves to ourselves as well as realizing that every day

is a new day to experience life’s choices and to decide our importance on that day.

If you address and prioritize your MOOD, your FOOD, and your GROOVE daily,

I believe you can achieve the well-rounded, healthy lifestyle you deserve.